This blog is on pause but follow my new side :-)


Actually, a lot happened and it will be quite a challenge to put it into the right form. Well, start with the easy stuff:

In December 2010 we really finished our world trip by returning home to Germany and seeing family and friends again was just great (the memory still gives me goose skin). Another good feature was that we could return into the shared living community where we used to live before the trip as just in December the guy who had moved in for us moved out. This made it very easy for us to adopt to the German way of living again as having been on the road for such a long time there is usually the possibilty for the so called “reverse culture shock”. Job wise we took our time to look for good jobs and this also turned out to be just perfect. Dennis found an IT job as he always wanted and for me, a great possibility came up:

As I might have mentioned in an earlier post this meditation retreat we did at “Las piramides del Ka” in Guatemala, had such a deep spiritual impact on me, I decided when being back iin Germany, I would start a Yoga teacher training at the place we used to practise Yoga in Mainz. So I started this in January and as it showed that they were looking for someone to work there. As it is usually at this place that you also life there to dive deeply into your Yoga practise I didn’t consider it firstly as having already a place to life and being in a relationship didn’t seem to fit. But, as I went along really good with everyone there they suggested I could use that room as my jewellery workshop and still live outside. Perfect. Deal :-)

So I set up my workshop there, started working there which is still beautiful work in a wonderful surrounding but, I felt blocked with my creativity. I mean, I had all those beautiful materials from all over the world but couldn’t do anything.

And then life became chaotic. My by now future ex-husband left me to be together with someone else from our shared living community so, in the end, I did move into the Yoga Center where I was already working and lived for a couple of month in my workshop until I got a second room. So, the last year I was more occupied with surviving and rearraning my life than creating new jewellery.

What I did was a one week workshop at Ravary in Belgium, organised by Gallery Marzee last August which was great and unblocked my creative blockage, something, I am so grateful of. There, I started to involve new materials like slate and nails and red colour. The presentation was last December and it felt good to be back in jewellery world. Still, life was really complicated last year, but by now I feel it is time to live life again and to look forward.

What I realised that for now, the project “Schmucknomadin-weltlernen” is, well, maybe not over, but at least, it is taking a break. I don’t believe too much in a linear way of thinking as life is just not working that way, so it might come back one day. But right now, it feels right to move on and to involve in new projects. So, I am pausing with blocking here, but I will set up a new block, this time a more generalised one with more diverse projects on it which will show more aspects of the creative and (maybe) spirituell life of me as Sina Emrich :-)

Thank you for following the adventures of the Schmucknomadin and I hearby invite you to have a look at my new side www.sina-emrich.de

As the end of  our around the world trip is getting closer we found the perfect place to relax the last few weeks and “digest” the adventures of the last 2,5 years and get ready to go back home to Germany :-)

Vilcabamba in the south of Ecuador is just perfect for that purpose, sun, beautiful landscape, a wonderful hostel to stay and just everything is sooo relaxed here. Thruly a little paradise of its own :-)


My necklace „UpsideDown“ is going to be exhibited in the course of the following exhibtion:


„24 FH – Eine Retrospektive“ at Villa Bengel in Idar-Oberstein, Germany


More information can be found under this link: