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My necklace „UpsideDown“ is going to be exhibited in the course of the following exhibtion:


„24 FH – Eine Retrospektive“ at Villa Bengel in Idar-Oberstein, Germany


More information can be found under this link:




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Last day in the workshop. Cleaning up. A last piece. More a fun piece. It is a necklace made out of the wooden hearts of the slices I used for my conical forms. It is the necklace of the 156Hearts. Whatever that may mean…

Was it sad to clean up the workshop? Yes and no.

Yes, because it means that my time here is coming to an end and I won’t be able to work that intensively on my jewellery for the next months. Yes, because it was a fabulous time here with a lot of nice moments, nice people, some red and sparkling wine ;-). Yes, because it was exactly the right place to stay for a while after travelling for almost 10 month. Such a quiet and relaxed place it is. It was perfect to get a free mind and spirit again and to gain new energy for coming adventures.
No, because I feel that I used this precious time perfectly in the right way. I did almost everything that I was hoping to do. I worked a lot at my work bench, a lot of sawing and glueing, new developments and new solutions were gained. I am so happy about that :-) But, it is time to move on. To travel again. The travel bug is biting again ;-) And I have the feeling that I need a bit of a work bench break now. Even if I am very sad to leave it…I hope that makes some sense at all.


Cleaning up

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Finished one necklace today. I made this one longer than I intended to make it as it didn’t work as a short necklace. I am happy about the result as it reminds me of a Lei, an hawaiian flower necklace :-)

(Even that it ment that I had to create twice as much of the wooden elements as I originally planned) More sawing and glueing…

Lei worn on Dennis

Lei necklace

Later we met in our kitchen-livingroom for our “traditional” wine and cheese friday evenings :-)

Megan, Dennis, Melanie, Dale and Kay (Caroline arrived later)

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Today I got a very big slice of eucalypt wood as a present. I will see what I can create out of this beauty :-)


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Lots of new projects and developments are going on this week as you can see on my “sketch table”.

sketch table


One of the projects is the following: I created 6 of those forms:

6 elements

My first intention I had in mind was to put them together the following way:

front view

Looks okay if you look at it directly from the front, but it is getting kind of unclear and packed when you look at it from the side:

from the side

I was a bit dissapointed that it did not work like I imagined it but after playing with the forms for a while I discovered a new shape I start to like:

new shape front view

new shape idea

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After having a little rest day yesterday I went back to my work bench refreshed and with new energy. One more pin and and a pair of ear pendants are the results.

I like to combine two of the three dimensinal wooden elements as it creates a complete new volume and shape. I am quite excited about this development and am curious to explore this way more intensively.

ear pendants

pin front

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A lot of new ideas flowing around in my mind. Don’t know where to start… Want to try them all at once ;-)


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New experiments and developments today. And a lot of sawing again :-)

new development

I played around with sawed forms I already had and discovered this new shape I really like and think of going on in this direction:

new shape

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Today I finished another necklace. In the end I chose the connections with the pearl thread as I like the flexibility the necklace gets that way. I chose to leave the closing as simple as possible as something more complicated woulnd’t fit that well.


After finishing the necklace I transformed two elements of another necklace I wanted to create into a brooch as I think the shape of both are going well together.


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Today I thought about a good solution for one of my necklaces. There are three different variations. They have all in common that there are two rows. That will be necessairy because otherwise the single pieces would start to move in a way I haven’t intended ;-).

At the moment I tend to go in the direction of the pearl thread variation, with a continuing thread, because it gives more flexibility to the necklace. But I also like the solution with the wire (it would be a silver wire) but I am not sure if it would make the necklace to static. If you have a good idea about it or a favorite solution, please let me know :-)




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