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The following works will be part of the exhibition „SODAmore Summer 2010“ which takes place at Gallery SODA in Istanbul, Turkey. The exhibition takes place from the 16 until 28 of August 2010.

 You can find more information here: 


The following works can still be purchased from the gallery:

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The following works decided to get lost somewhere between Germany and Turkey.

They wanted to participate in the exhibition of the gallery Soda in Istanbul and started their journey with the German post but never arrived.

So, whereever you are, my beautiful ones, I hope you are treated well and give people joy.

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Today I got the message that one of my new necklaces got a honorable mention at the 6th Cheongju International Craft Competition “Outside the box” in South Korea. It will be exhibited during the Cheongju Craft Biennale beginning at the 23 of September till the 1st of November 2009.



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From today on some of my new works which I created during my Artist in Residency in Mittagong, Australia, are part of the group exhibition “Evoking Mystery” at the DeNovo Gallery in Palo Alto, USA, curated by Charon Kransen.

The exhibition runs from the 1st of August till 1st of September 2009.

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OutsideSecretIn 2

Pin PhoneHome

UpsideDownImQuadrat front

UpsideDownImQuadrat back

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It’s Monday. The Monday of my last week here at Sturt. Some last minute works to finish, some projects to end…How do I feel about finishing here? I don’t know yet, still too much to do, I will think about this later.



PhoneHome ear pendants...I love these little ET's!


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Finished one necklace today. I made this one longer than I intended to make it as it didn’t work as a short necklace. I am happy about the result as it reminds me of a Lei, an hawaiian flower necklace :-)

(Even that it ment that I had to create twice as much of the wooden elements as I originally planned) More sawing and glueing…

Lei worn on Dennis

Lei necklace

Later we met in our kitchen-livingroom for our “traditional” wine and cheese friday evenings :-)

Megan, Dennis, Melanie, Dale and Kay (Caroline arrived later)

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One brooch and two pins are the result of this day.

pin one

brooch InsideOut

pin two

pin two

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Today I finsihed one necklace I was working on for quite a while. It was one that asked for a lot of new solutions and which was really demanding and time consuming. That’s why I am happy it is done :-) 

I am calling it InsideOut as it shows the parts of the wood that are normaly hidden inside.



InsideOut_worn by Kay Faulkner

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After having a little rest day yesterday I went back to my work bench refreshed and with new energy. One more pin and and a pair of ear pendants are the results.

I like to combine two of the three dimensinal wooden elements as it creates a complete new volume and shape. I am quite excited about this development and am curious to explore this way more intensively.

ear pendants

pin front

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